Signature Flavors

At Big Shane’s we believe that ice cream is a big deal. All our ice cream is  made with an egg-free base consisting of good ole cream, milk and sugar. Big Shane’s adds an Irish twist to American ice cream classics to ensure every bite, lick and spoon is extra smooth, extra indulgent.    

Very Vanilla Beany

The true test of any ice cream should be the most simple and scrumptious flavor: vanilla. We long since perfected ours by adding the not-so-secret ingredient of Madagascar vanilla beans and my, oh my, it’s one to order by the tub. The perfect finish (or indeed starter) to any day. 

Rich Chocolate Crinkle

Just when you thought chocolate ice cream couldn’t get any better: along came Big Shane’s. We combine two different types of chocolate melted and mixed in cocoa-harmony and topped with nuggets of our famous gluten free, vegan chocolate crinkle cookie. 

Honeycomb Crisp

A big deal on the other side of the Atlantic, we feel it is our culinary duty to introduce honeycomb as our signature flavor. Sweet, luscious, crunchy and brittle… it’s a delight, (and with no actual honey involved.) A sweet cream base with crystals of honeycomb candy mixed abundantly throughout, you’ll be asking for the recipe in no time. For fans of salted caramel. 

Rocky Road to Dublin

Chocolate ice cream with notes of rich, creamy Guinness stout (yes, the real thing) and faint roasted coffee hints, speckled with a classic rocky road mix of fluffy marshmallows and crunchy almonds. Inspired by a favorite childhood biscuit: the marshmallow-y Wagon Wheel. 

Ginger Swirl

A match made in dessert paradise. Chunks of our chewy ginger molasses cookie are mixed through Baileys Irish Cream liqueur and finished off with a swirl of raspberry. Spicy ginger balances the rich and luxurious Irish cream with a note of berry goodness. You’re welcome. 

Banoffee Pie

Now, this may sound bananas, but we’ve turned one of Big Shane’s best-loved desserts into a frozen delicacy. Nuggets of buttery toffee and crunchy, brittle biscuits are hiding in a sweet banana base and finally topped with chocolate bits. A banoffee pie in a single scoop – what more could you wish for?

Vegan Cookies n' Mint

Your dairy-free, gluten-free wish is our command! Welcome to the Minty Fresh Club. Our cool mint base is mixed with nuggets of our chocolate crinkle cookie for a ridiculously cool combo. The perfect balance of mint and cocoa freshness.